digital consulting


Developing and deploying end-to-end data products.

We can place an expert in client meetings, to answer questions or drive conversation around data strategy.

Integrating Machine Learning and AI.

Democratizing tech for early-stage businesses. We support founders, making ideas thrive, regardless of their tech background.

Seamless progress and success—comprehensive oversight for creative and digital development in your projects.

For founders – Change the world. Advise, guidance, design and technical strategy for founders.


For thinkers – Be more beautiful. Digital-native strategy, design and copy.





Turning Trello boards into a dynamic website accessible to everyone, automatically syncing in minutes—all within Trello. No coding or design skills required.



Bridging health gaps with Data Science, Research, and AI in reproductive health, patient education, and chronic pain.


Extensions Go MRR

Uncovering product-market fit seamlessly—identifying in-demand extensions, crafting an enhanced version, and launching to an existing audience for a side gig that pays off.

How we work

If you’re looking for a partner that understands your customers, your looking for us.

Every time we meet a client, we know their needs are unique. We uncover the core value to their audience, and deliver designs and applications that keep customers happy and engaged.




Business development lead

Customer success expert with experience across industries including health tech, government, public services and retail.

Steph is passionate about supporting technical transformation for businesses driven by industry experts. She’s particularly interested in supporting non-technical founders to grow their offerings through technology.



Lead data specialist

As an industry-leading technologist, Greg has deve- loped data solutions for countless businesses from start-ups to corporate enterprises.

Greg brings value to his clients by offering shrewd and focused advice on technical design and delivering efficient solutions. Clients often note Greg’s enormous contribution to the streamlining of technology in their businesses.

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